World Tapir Day!

Hello! Happy Friday! Yesterday was World Tapir Day and we had an awesome day celebrating this amazing species at the zoo! 

This is Cofan, a male mountain tapir. He is one of two tapirs I care for at the zoo and is a total sweetheart. They are pretty famous for their unusual noses (called a proboscis) which is a big muscle like an elephant’s trunk that they use to pull leaves off of trees (their main diet in the wild). He also has some pretty long hair because mountain tapirs (also called wooly tapirs) are the only tapir species to live at high, cold elevations in the Andes Mountains down in South America. He really loves scratches and a ton of guests got a chance to meet him yesterday and give him a scratch. Sharing my love of tapirs is hands down one of my favorite parts of my job and we had a blast with guests meeting the tapirs and sharing some things we can all do to help this species out in the wild. 

Remember that FSC logo!? If you buy a paper or wood product that has this logo on it, you’re buying a product that has been sustainably sourced and is NOT taking forests away from incredible creatures like Mountain Tapirs.  Shout out to my amazing volunteers who helped out with the table! We had fun wordsearches and paper tapir masks the kiddos could color and cut out. It was such a fun day! 

I am so lucky to be able to work with mountain tapirs. There are only two zoos in the country that have these guys and it is a dream come true to learn about and work with them. These sweet animals love apples and carrots and scratches and we use all of those things to train them with positive reinforcement.

Photo credit: Ashley Arimborgo

It was touching to see how many guests wanted to learn about and meet the tapirs yesterday and a day like that just reaffirms why I do the work I do. World Tapir Day is an excellent way to boost awareness and share this amazing animal with people who may not have ever heard of a tapirs. It was a memorable day and I can’t wait for April 27th to roll around again! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Ever heard of or seen a tapir before? 

What are your weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “World Tapir Day!

  1. I may have heard of a tapir but it has been a while since I’ve been to the zoo. Your job looks really fun but I’m sure it is hard work too.

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    1. Hi Stefanie! It sure is fun! And yes, definitely hard work, but I work with awesome people that always keep me laughing which makes all the work a little easier.


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