Downtown adventures!

Why hello there! How’s your day so far? Mine was a whirlwind day, but that’s just how I like it so I’m one happy camper right now. The whole weekend was over in a flash, let’s catch up!

I spent a lot of time downtown this weekend and got all hyped up on the city vibe. My happy places are in the mountains, forests, and rivers of Colorado, but I just LOVE the vibe of the big city and had a blast this weekend. First up was celebrating my BFF’s birthday at Polished Tavern. They had awesome ice boxes at each table and the martinis were on point. (Do people still say on point?) 

I don’t get to see my friend often enough and it was so much fun catching up. 

The next day, we made our way over to Bodie’s weekly puppy class. This is a highlight of my week and I’m not sure which one of us enjoys class more.

Bodie is usually a little timid when we first arrive, but warms up quickly after a couple of minutes.

This week he found a girlfriend that he was following everywhere the whole class. It was so cute to watch.

After class we were off to The Saucy Noodle. This old school Italian restaurant is practically a landmark in the local area and has a wonderful historic, homey feel.

My dad remembers eating here with his buddies in high school in the 60’s! 

We had a great lunch and then went downtown to run a couple of errands and catch a movie.

I’ve never eaten at Denver Diner, but I’ve always loved the look of it and it’s back on my to-try list. It was prom night and we saw so many beautiful girls walking around in their gorgeous dresses. It took me back to high school dances. I absolutely loved them. I wish I still had my junior prom dress. It was a giant pink tulle confection that made me feel like a princess. I don’t think I even have a picture. 

After a fun filled night, the work week was just around the corner. A few hours of sleep, a very long commute, and a busy busy day and I’m back home and have my head back into half marathon training. I’m definitely dragging a bit and was glad the plan only called for 30 min of cross training. I was going to spin, but after 10 minutes I was NOT feeling it so I jumped on the treadmill for about 1.5 miles. I finally had my hair cut over the weekend and easily ruined all of the lovely things my hairdresser did to it with some crazy workout hair. 

And there we are! This week should be filled with excitement and fun. Thursday is World Tapir Day and I’ve been busy planning a fun filled day with our tapirs and our guests. I can’t wait! 

I hope you have a wonderful night!


Did you go to your prom? Good memory? Maybe not so good?

Do you like spinning?

3 thoughts on “Downtown adventures!

      1. Awww well at least it was entertaining. Next time Bodie has a puppy class you should take a video of some of the cutness 😉

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