And so it begins….

Hi there! I officially started half marathon training today and to say I am super pumped about it is an understatement. I am starting a little early and added an extra week to my training plan. While I have a digital version of the plan, I’m a little old school and like to write it all out on my calendar.

The day started with 3 miles on the treadmill. Pre-run selfie with this big head.

Afterwards it was time to take the pups on a walk. They are on their best behavior when the leashes come out. 🙂

And now to some Friday Favorites!

• Caribou coffee. My dad and I picked up some Caribou coffee while we were out and about last weekend and I had to go get some more because it’s just the best.

• This guy. The weather is warming up and we were out getting our Mountain Tapir’s pools ready for summer and Cofan hung out for a bit to help. Mountain tapirs have amazing noses (a prehensile muscle called a proboscis) that have earned them the nickname snorkel pig! I love him so much! #snorkelsup for Mountain Tapirs!

• These two. Gryff and Bodie are the best of friends and I get so much joy out of watching these two play all day. 

• Peter Rabbit. I mentioned my love of Peter Rabbit a couple of weeks ago and my dad brought up a childhood treasure of mine when he came to visit. This Peter Rabbit china reminds me so much of growing up and my mother. We thought we had lost the set for years, but Dad uncovered them recently and brought them up.

They are so beautiful and nostalgic to me and I can’t wait to arrange them in my china cabinet. 

• This dragonfly. An incredibly sweet friend at work gave this to me this week and I LOVE it. The colors speak to my soul and I smile every time I pass by it.

• A plan-less weekend night. I finally had some time to just relax and spend some time at home and it was very needed. Some pizza and 30 Rock reruns made a perfect evening. This is what happens when I have time on my hands haha.

I hope everyone is ready for a great weekend!! I’m off to my dear friend’s birthday party, should be a fun time!!


What are your plans for the weekend? 

What are your favorite childhood characters? 

Me: Peter Rabbit, Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus, Minnie Mouse

3 thoughts on “And so it begins….

  1. As a kid I loved Winnie the pooh and the Wild Thornberrys lol

    This weekend I think I’m just going to have a relaxing weekend and maybe go to the movies with friends.

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