Ready to race

Hiya! How’s it going? We had a great weekend with my Dad and are so grateful that we got to spend Easter with him before he headed back home. A little highlight from the weekend was going through some fun artwork I made as a child. My dad brought a bunch of the cards, pictures, and poems I’d given my parents growing up. I just loved seeing what my imagination got up to back in those days. It was really special to see the Mother’s Day cards I’d given my mom. She passed away due to breast cancer when I was 18 and it made me feel so close to her reading those goofy poems. A couple fun animal related items were uncovered:

My Dreamland Zoo entertained me to no end! 

Today started with some sweet clouds.

And it is ending in a high note as well. I just signed up for a summer half marathon! The Dog Days Half Marathon is on July 22 in Westminster, CO. This race supports the Colorado Canine Rescue and if you haven’t noticed, I love dogs so this seemed like the perfect race for me. 

I am super excited to get training and plan on mostly following this plan by Hal Higdon:

Lately, I haven’t had any real running goals and have stuck to shorter easy runs, but I’ve been itching to really commit to some training. This race is probably going to be HOT, it doesn’t start until 7am and it’s at the end of July. I plan on getting in some hot weather runs to prepare. They provide ice cold towels at the finish line and I’m pretty sure that alone will motivate me to keep on moving. 

I told Bodie it was the Dog Days Half Marathon and I think he thought he could come too. He was just a little disappointed when I told him it supported a dog charity and the puppers had to stay at home. 

I hope you have a great night!


Have any races coming up!?

Were you a crafty child?

Me: omg YES. I loved crafts and was constantly opening “businesses” selling my popsicle stick jewelry boxes and handmade hobby lobby bead bracelets. 

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