Friday fun

Why hello and TGIF my friends! How’s your Friday going? We’re ready to jump into the weekend and have some fun. Not a lot of running going on this weekend, we’ve got a jam packed schedule, but I did get out for a long walk with the dogs today. 

My dad is in town visiting and we’ve been out and about. We started the day with breakfast at my favorite, Lucile’s. 

That eggs benny gets me every time and I love New Orleans so I’m all about the Mardi Gras decor. 

Afterwards we headed to a landscaping store to hopefully fix the part of my backyard that turns into a mud pit every time it rains. 

When we came home, we walked in to find over 30 bees swarming in my living room!! I’m quite allergic to bees and wasps and exited as quickly as I could. Thankfully Everett and my dad were around to remove the bees. We figured out they were coming in through our fireplace! So now we are enjoying a raging fire in the middle of an 80 degree day to hopefully rid ourselves of the bee situation. Didn’t plan on that today, lol.

We hung out outside until the coast was clear. The dogs were pleased with that.

Another item on our to-do list today is to find a frame for some art we picked up while we were in Costa Rica! We met an artist doing some gorgeous watercolors and just had to get one. This picture totally gives me the vibe of Costa Rica and we saw some toucans while we were there so that made it extra special. 

Now we are getting some projects done around the house and thinking about what to do for dinner. One of my lemons is ready to be picked so I have a feeling it will be playing center stage in whatever I make tonight. 

Have a great night!


Are you allergic to bees?

Have you ever been to New Orleans?

Do you grow any kind of fruit?

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