Happy Saturday!

How’s your weekend going?! Ours is in full swing and we’ve been out and about loving the warmer weather. Unfortunately, I kind of twisted/pulled something in my right foot and am taking a few days off of running. It’s crazy how one quick slip in some mud can affect you for so long. I’m back to walking around normally, but running is still pretty painful. I think putting it on the back burner for a few days is the right call. Running through an injury not only hurts, but can aggravate the problem and make it take even longer to recover. We still managed to hop in the car and get some errands done with weekend. 

Bodie is still unsure about car riding, but he gets better with every trip. We got the pups out for walks and some sunshine. The highlight of the weekend was definitely Bodie’s first puppy socialization class. He had a blast and it was so much fun watching all the little puppies learning to how to play together. 

Bo was pretty worn out when we were done so we crashed back at the house and kept things low key with a late breakfast and some hanging out on the porch.

Janae got me hooked on these Kodiak Cakes. They are delicious and a portion of sales goes to wildlife conservation which you know seals the deal for me. 

Bodie doesn’t understand that pancakes are not for puppies. 

Ok…..one little taste.

Gryff approved 🙂

I hope you are getting outside this weekend! We’re about to BBQ and maybe get crazy and start a puzzle. Have a good one!


Did you ever take your dogs to training or socialization classes? 

What fun things are you doing this weekend?

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