Snow Day!

Hiya! How’s it going? Winter was back with a vengeance today! I need to do a better job of keeping an eye on the weather because this storm completely took me by surprise.

It was so beautiful,  but the snow was heavy. I’m counting all of the shoveling we did to clear the yards as my workout today. My arms are jelly and I think I fell asleep at lunch for just a minute today with my spoon in my hand holding noodles. 

The locals were still out and about. Just a regular day in Colorado. 

The sun popped out for a minute. I have high hopes for an outdoor run tomorrow. 

The pups have also had a lot going on lately including an eventful bath time. 

Gryff actually likes baths and will rest his head on your shoulder and fall asleep. I think he was feeling pretty good afterwards and looking so handsome. 

Bodie isn’t as fond of bath time yet, but that little cutie was a trooper and has his new puppy smell back.

Now we are all tucked into the blankets and keeping it easy with some pizza and 30 Rock. I hope you have a fantastic night! 


Do you like snow?

Me: Yes, especially if I’m at home and can enjoy it by my fireplace. 

Does your dog like baths? Snow? 

6 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Bailey LOVES the snow! And baths!! I let her out this morning and she stil has not learned that she can walk in the snow so she only takes giant leaps witch cracks me up😂❤️

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  2. First I love 30 rock!

    I like snow only if I don’t have to drive in it, be out in it for too long, or shovel it.
    My labs suprisingly do not love baths, but they both love their kiddie pool in the backyard in the summer, Mel will walk around in circles in it with his head under the water like a lab submarine. They both liked the snow when they were younger, now that they’re 11 they aren’t as fond of it.

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  3. I highly prefer to visit snow ❄️. I don’t have any dogs but I have a baby and she loves showers so much she demands to take one with me and one with her dad everyday!!

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