The Barkley and weekend wrap up

How’s it going!? I’m sailing into this week feeling really positive and was super excited to hear that the Barkley Marathon is going on right now! Have you heard of this race? It is this incredible 100 mile race (there is also a 60 mile “fun run” hahaha) with no mile markers, no aid stations, and some insane incline. Only 14 people have even FINISHED this race. The elevation is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest, twice! I can’t even imagine competing in something like this. I think you have to be a little crazy to try something like that, but a good kind of crazy. I like crazy. 

The weekend was full of fun and productivity. It’s started off on a high note with some breakfast at Lucile’s. 

I love their homey vibe and old fashioned touches. My favorite location is in Fort Collins, but this spot on Evans had adorable touches everywhere too. 

After breakfast, we headed over to David’s Bridal to select a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s upcoming wedding. This girl is super chill and wants us all to feel our best, so we get to pick out our favorite dress, as long as we all have the same color. 

I tried on a few dresses, but ended up ordering one online instead of the styles in the store. I picked this one.

Chiffon dress with beaded belt

After we were done being fancy, we picked up some new toys for the pups. It was quite the event. 

They are getting so good at playing around each other and respecting the other dog’s space. 

Um….for about a minute.

Let’s caption this “I think I like yours more than mine”

These two are the best at reminding me we are all a work in progress. Close relationships don’t happen overnight and it’s important to remember we are all in different places in life. Gryff is the perfect best friend for Bodie and is so gentle at showing him how to behave around other dogs. I kind of wish Gryff didn’t let him win at every game of tug-of-war though, it’s giving Bodie a big head. 

Bodie played with his little duck about a minute before stealing Gryff’s bigger toy away. 

Naughty boy. I love him.

I hope everyone is feeling relaxed at the end of the weekend and ready to take on the new week! If you are facing something tough this week, I’m sending out good vibes to you. No matter what, the time will pass and everything will be ok. 🙂


What’s the best thing that happened to you this weekend? 

Ever heard of the Barkley? Tell me what you think!

Do your dogs freak out over new toys?

Me: YES. It’s like Christmas. 

7 thoughts on “The Barkley and weekend wrap up

  1. I had a shift in the loft over the weekend and got to fly Kirra the tawny frogmouth which was amazing! I think I fell in love with that Muppet bird.
    I have never heard of the Barkley but it sounds sooo insane!!! I bet I can think of someone who might run it 😉
    My labs are very aggressive chewers so whenever I come across a toy that would actually last more than 30 seconds it’s like Christmas and their birthday wrapped into one.


  2. I was fascinated by the Barkley Marathon documentary on Netflix, I would volunteer but don’t think I would ever want to attempt it. I LOVE the dress you chose, very pretty! My dog doesn’t get too excited over new toys, which is weird but maybe because he doesn’t have a playmate, the cats aren’t interested in his stuff so no one bothers it lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I’m not sure I would ever attempt it, but the people that do are just AMAZING! And thanks, I’m hoping it fits well, that’s the only drawback of ordering a dress online.


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