Treadmill running tips

Why hello there! This week is just flying by! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday. The clouds were doing crazy things this morning.

 Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving. 

Today was action packed and I am happy to relax tonight and watch a little tv. Is anyone watching The Magicians? The acting isn’t winning any Emmy’s, but I just can’t stop. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about treadmill running. I love outdoor running,  but weather or time of day (running in the dark = no) sometimes keeps us from getting out there. I’ve had my treadmill since college and LOVE it. We’ve moved it twice and while that is quite the challenge, it’s been totally worth it. Our latest move offered us a fantastic space to put the treadmill, but unfortunately not a ton of head room once you get on it. 

My camera is on the ceiling in this picture. πŸ™‚

It is a great way to get a work out at home, but some people would probably say it can be boring running on a treadmill. Here are a few tips to hopefully make running on a treadmill a bit more fun:

β€’ Play music! I love listening to music while I run and a fast, upbeat song can really increase my energy. I try to put the most motivating songs at the end of my playlists for when I’m most tired and in need of a boost. I’m super into Believer by Imagine Dragons right now. 

β€’ Change up the pace or incline. Keep yourself engaged by changing up your speed. Maybe increase your pace every mile or increase the incline for a quarter mile then drop it back down. 

β€’ Watch a tv show on your tablet or tv. Treadmill running is great because you don’t have to focus on trip hazards or cars passing. It’s pretty easy to zone out or catch up on your favorite tv show. I like to watch Big Bang Theory because it keeps me laughing and you can fit a couple of lighthearted episodes into a workout. I’ve heard of some people that can read while running. I’m not one of those people, everything is too bouncy. But if you can read while running, I would imagine that would really be a great way to get sucked into a story and get your mind off the running. 

β€’ Have your dog cheer you on! Dogs make the best running buddies both outdoors and inside on the treadmill. 

β€’ Imagine you are in a race, like an Olympic race. In my case, my treadmill is in the privacy of my home so I can imagine I’m coming through the finish line and throw my arms in the air and yes, even sing “We Are The Champions” by Queen out loud to my dogs. They love it. Imagine anything really that can distract you from the fact that your running on a glorified hamster wheel. 

β€’ Hop off the treadmill! If you have a safe pause feature you can apply, hop off and throw in 20 push-ups or jumping jacks. Add in some burpees that will really get your heart rate up. Hopping off to roll around on the ground with your pup doesn’t count though. Sorry. 

He’s getting so BIG!

I hope this helps if you are left feeling a bit uninspired for your next treadmill run! 

Have a great night!


What do you do to stay entertained on the treadmill?

Happy Humpday! Tell me one good thing that happened to you today. 

12 thoughts on “Treadmill running tips

  1. I can’t believe you are motivated to run when you get home from work! I need that kind of motivation.

    We have a treadmill in our basement and I keep telling myself I’m going to start running but I get home, make dinner, and then get sucked into my couch or bed.

    Side note: Puppy is so dang cute!!!!


  2. We have a treadmill to but the zoo and school is soooo tiring! I need to try and get into it though. I got to work on paperwork in the loft today and Mister parrot was super cute in his bath so that was a plus lol. Thanks for the blog!


  3. One of my chinchillas decided to grace me with her presence and that being touched was suddenly the best thing ever, that was pretty great.


  4. I love treadmill runs too for the dark or bad weather! I don’t have a treadmill at home, but I sure would love to be close to my doggy when I need to run on the treadmill. Great set up πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t tried to get the pups on the treadmill. Neither one of them is particularly coordinated so I’m a little nervous to try it out. But I’ve seen YouTube videos of dogs on treadmills and LOVE it!


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