Spring is in the air

Hi there!! Spring has really sprung lately where I live and I just love all the colors coming into the plants and trees. I had a professor in college that started every class in the spring semester by asking what signs of spring we had seen around town. My favorite sign of spring is when we begin to see robins. I love robins. They were the first bird I was ever able to identify as a child and have always had a special place in my heart. 

The bears I take of at the zoo were enjoying the warm spring weather today too. 

These two little ladies are Asiatic black bears. Long naps in the sun are a favorite pastime of mine too and I sat out in the sun for lunch today and that made me sooo sleepy in the afternoon. I was dragging a bit and tried to get a little bit of a workout before I surrendered to the couch for the night.

I hopped on the spin bike for a bit and then tried to stretch, but stretching around dogs is challenging to say the least.

We had to run some errands the other day that swung us past the capitol building. I like to say “Hullo Gov’na” in a terrible British accent every time we pass this building, but I am not sure if the Governor actually works there. He probably doesn’t. I’m still going to say it.

I hope everyone is ready to jump into the weekend! 


Spotted any signs of Spring lately?

What are your plans this weekend? 

Me: Bridal shower for one of my oldest friends, super excited!

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