Costa Rica vacation recap-part 1



TGIF! It’s crazy cold here today and I am longing for another day in Costa Rica. My husband and I recently had an opportunity to experience this magical land and I wanted to document some of our vacation here so I can look back later for some reminiscing.

Our first night was spent in San Jose. Our hotel was super cute and the view definitely put us in the tropical spirit.


There was also a fantastic breakfast spread.


We had a vacation package that was full of fun tours and experiences that were pre-booked for us. The hotels were organized by the travel agency, but we were provided a rental car to get ourselves from place to place.  I was really nervous about this aspect of the vacation. We have rented cars in other countries and had some pretty negative experiences. This however turned out great!


I loved seeing the country side as we drove from San Jose to our first destination, La Fortuna. On the way, we stopped off for our first experience, jungle ziplining.


We has a great time flying around on 12 ziplines. We did the last and longest zip “superman” style where you go head first which was thrilling and my favorite part. Afterwards, they provided lunch. I was pretty excited that the food was served on a real rainforest leaf.


Lunch was delicious. Our guides were super nice and funny and I would love to do something like that again.


We arrived in La Fortuna and stayed at a fantastic eco-friendly hotel near the famous Arenal Volcano.


Our next adventure took us to Baldi Hot Springs. They claim to be the world’s largest hot springs and with 24 pools and extensive grounds, I believe it.


We had a blast checking out the different pools that became warmer the farther you walked along the pathways.


They have some fun hidden trails through some amazing plant life that we explored for a bit. It felt like another world and I could have stayed there forever.



We left for awhile to explore the town of La Fortuna before heading back to Baldi Hot Springs for some night swimming. The lights that lit up the pools were fantastic and we ended up staying until it closed.


We stayed near the volcano for three nights and loved all of the wildlife we spotted and heard. The moment I heard a wild howler monkey calling was incredibly special for me. I take care of howlers at the zoo and seeing and hearing them on this trip was an absolute highlight for me. We spotted toucans, coatis, and enjoyed so many plant species I had never seen before. I was just blown away by the plant life.


We could have stayed here forever, but it was time to make our way to the beach for a change of scenery. Stay tuned for part 2! Have an awesome weekend, friends!

Have you ever been to Costa Rica?

Where are you dying to travel to?

Me: China!





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