Weekend wrap up

Hiya!!! Happy Monday! Today is actually my “Monday” thanks to a long weekend. I don’t have a typical Sat/Sun weekend and it was kind of fun to have both weekend days off.  I actually really like not having a conventional weekend. I find it’s easier to schedule appointments and doing boring stuff like go to the bank. You miss all the crowds at museums, shopping areas, and hiking trails and sometimes it feels like you have a whole mountain to yourself. We got out and about this weekend and had lunch at my favorite Mexican food restaurant in town, El Noa Noa. 

They have such a pretty outdoor area and I’m addicted to their chips and salsa.

It’s on Sante Fe near all the art galleries and I love the whole area. Have you ever checked out the First Friday Art Walk? Every first Friday of the month, over 60 galleries open and you can walk through them all, sometimes getting a chance to chat with the artists and score some free fancy cheese and crackers. 

The next day, we had a date night planned to see Beauty and the Beast. I LOVED it. And I love the theater seats that recline. #Sofancy 

We like to get there early to do some people watching on 16th Street Mall. 

We also tried a new to us pizza place, Pizzeria Locale. 

They make personal sized pizzas (I guess if you’re not me, this could be for two people) fresh right in front of you. Pizza is probably my favorite food and I’m not hard to please, but my margherita pizza was incredible. Like it’s all I’ve wanted for every meal since I ate it. He got a Hawaiian and it was also perfection.

We of course made time to get out in the sunshine with the pups. 

Bodie is doing so well walking on a leash. It’s a pleasant change from Gryffy’s more lunge-and-sniff style of walking. 

Squeezed some running in there too. 

Big cheesy grin for how happy it makes me that I can wear shorts outside in March. My garmin died sometime during my run but I think I did somewhere around 3 miles plus a walk around the block with the dogs to cool down. I don’t love running outside at night so it’s pretty great that the evenings are lasting longer and longer. I hustled home for some turkey sandwiches and a little animal planet watching before more puppy snuggles and bed. 


What’s your favorite food? 

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? 

4 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

  1. My favorite food, if we’re talking a meal food, is pizza as well, your Margarita pizza looked AMAZING!!! if we’re talking nonmeal food it’s a tie between anything chocolate (any form of desert chocolate) and strawberries.
    And I haven’t seen beauty and the beast yet but it looks soooo good!


  2. Yumm!! I can’t get over how cute Bodie is, Gryff is pretty adorable as well! I can’t get over your dogs haha.


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