Friday Fun

Happy Friday!! My weekend is in full swing and I had some time today to get in a run with Gryff. 

He’s a pretty good running buddy and it’s nice to have an excuse to occasionally stop and catch my breathe while he sniffs a particularly good smelling bush or tree. 

Rewind to this morning, we started the day off with one of my favorite movies and some tea and a bagel. 

Getting up off of the couch was a bit challenging after vegging out with a movie so long and I needed some musical inspiration to get a run in today. This is my current playlist I’m running to. I listen to the first song on repeat about 5 times before moving on to the rest. Am I the only one who listens to their favorite song on repeat until they’re sick of it? 

Bodie expressed his displeasure at not being invited to join us on the run. 

#bugbitesfordayz after Costa Rica

And now we are grilling up some fish and veggies for dinner. It’s been such a beautiful day. My lemons are excited to get some sunshine. 

Pretty excited to finish off the night with this. I haven’t seen it yet, but I love Disney so it should be a winner. 


Have a great night, friends! 


Have you watched Moana yet? What did you think?

One thought on “Friday Fun

  1. Your Playlist is amazing.
    Moana is definitely one of my new favorite disney movies, the music is amazing and that rooster is my favorite, he reminds me of some of the chicken ladies 🙂

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