Running as therapy

Hi, how’s it going? I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica. It was incredible and I think I’ll write some trip recaps here for posterity. But until I do that, I’ll just keep staring at this picture until I get sucked right into it.

Yesterday called for a quick round of running therapy. Running offers so many benefits beyond a great workout. It releases all of those feel good endorphins that make us happy. I can really work things through in my head during a run. If I’m going through something tough or stressful, running often feels like a release that rids me of some of those negative feelings and gives me a sense of peace when I’m done. My mood evens out and I usually have a brighter perspective on the whole situation after a good round of running therapy. Plus you feel good that you got a workout in and can celebrate with a smoothie which makes all things better. I think it’s important that we all have some way to get those negative emotions out of our insides and out to deal with. Whether that’s writing in a journal, exercising, talking with your BFF, baking cookies, taking a walk somewhere beautiful, or whatever works for you, it’s good to focus on you sometimes. Even just a quick mental check in to make sure you are doing what’s healthy for your body and mind helps keep us on track. 

Tonight is just a bit of stretching and a lot of hanging out with this monster. 

We came back from Costa Rica and could have sworn he doubled in size. This crazy little jumping kangaroo is going to be a big guy. 

Tomorrow should be a beautiful day and I’m hoping to get outside for a run with Gryffin. He is a fantastic running buddy as long as we don’t run past a rabbit. The second he smells bunny, the hunt is on and I’ve had my arm almost ripped out its socket from my gentle giant going into full hunting mode. Also on the to-do list is getting our taxes done. Womp. One more Costa Rica pic for no reason. 🙂 Have a great night! 


Do you run with your dog? 

What do you do to deal with stress/tough stuff? 

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