How to begin…

Hello and happy Saturday! Thanks for making your way on over here to Running a Zoo! The first blog post is tough! I’m a zookeeper that likes to run. That’s as basic as it gets. So I am making the executive decision to skip over the awkward introduction phase and jump right in to talking to what I am passionate about. We’re going to talk a lot about running here and a little about zookeeping, but I didn’t do either of those things today so let’s meet my dogs instead. Our first pupper is an Italian spinone named Gryffindor (any Harry Potter fans out there!) and he is a big slobbery goofball that keeps us entertained everyday.


Gryff is 3 years old and we have been wanting to find a friend for him for awhile now. Well, just a few weeks ago, we found the newest addition to our little pack, Baudelaire.

349This little munchkin is a 10 week old lab/shepherd mix that we have just fallen in love with. He is adjusting well to his new home and Gryff is super excited to have a new playmate around all the time. Little Bodie has a great teacher to show him all the wonderful things in life, like sticks.

351Gryff is always up for a run around the neighborhood and hopefully Bodie will join our running club when he’s a bit older and ready to put some miles on those paws. It’s a gorgeous day for February so we are going to get out there and enjoy some winter sunshine.

Until next time, friends!

Do you have dogs? Tell me about them!! I love dogs. LOVE.

Did you run today?

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