Weekend wrap up

Hiya!!! Happy Monday! Today is actually my "Monday" thanks to a long weekend. I don't have a typical Sat/Sun weekend and it was kind of fun to have both weekend days off.  I actually really like not having a conventional weekend. I find it's easier to schedule appointments and doing boring stuff like go to … Continue reading Weekend wrap up

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!! My weekend is in full swing and I had some time today to get in a run with Gryff.  He's a pretty good running buddy and it's nice to have an excuse to occasionally stop and catch my breathe while he sniffs a particularly good smelling bush or tree.  Rewind to this morning, … Continue reading Friday Fun

Snow day

Hi, how's your afternoon going? We are in full weekend mode over here. It has been snowing off and on since yesterday and that certainly gets the pups excited. This was Bodie's first ever snow fall and I think he liked it. I just love his innocent curiosity. I can't wait until the weather improves and … Continue reading Snow day